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Home Assistant Migration

I've been running Home assistant on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ for some time now...
It was time to migrate up...
Enter the XCY X30 i7!


I decided to go for the XYC X30 from banggood.  It was reasonably priced, is silent (fanless), and has low power consumption.

As it comes from Banggood, it is a bare bones system, so requires RAM, storage, and Wifi (if you want to add it)

Ram:  There's a slight downside here as it will only support a maximum of 8Gb and only has one slot, so I inserted my 8Gb module and moved on!

Storage: There's one on board SSD slot, and one SATA port (with SATA cable included) I don't have a SSD spare, and wasn't bothered about the speed defecit of spinning media, so I installed a spare 360Gb 2.5" drive which has been lying around for a while waiting for something to do!

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